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But, even as self-published books continue to grow in popularity and prestige, it can be difficult for indie authors to get noticed by reviewers at traditional publications and book blogs. So, for indie authors with a budget, paid review services can be appealing.Pros and Cons. Review word counts, turnaround time, and any additional features—i.e., links on the review site, options for posting the review to bookselling sites, etc.—are all built pajd the package. This is completely free to you, the reviewer.For your first review, you will just be given the book for free.

After that, you will be eligible for the paid review opportunities. Sign Up for Free: Email: Type free to prove you are human. OnlineBookClub.org was created over 10 years ago and has over 100,000 members. This has been great for the drite community, as many more people can now devote themselves full-time to improving their craft.However, as great as the Amazon revolution has been- and it is hard to underestimate its value- it has created its own set of problems. When anyone write book reviews paid publish a book, anyone can and will do so.

People who can write in a knowledgeable but conversational tone, akin to a good quality blog post - and people who understand the importance of deadlines. Write book reviews paid people would love to see their review up on the screen.

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