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Rpojector with audio are listed first. (Total: 3). In their chest was a shield-projector, which covered the machine in a pink layer when struck. One hid behind a shield-projector, making the the word projector in a sentence two easier to pick off as Tet and Podge did. Eventually the light of the shield-projector died and projectot shield faded, and the Cyries had to reload. Dunit kicked a shield-projector and its soldier out of his way and leaped with his tattered projectof onto the Dawhawk, dropping it in a body slam that shook the ground and sent everyone off their feet.

Adam walked over to the projector. Danny took the projector and screen, and. focusing the projector for the third time. The projector crashed down in the theater. Sunil tripped and fell over the projector. Kevin found Tom inside the projector booth. The projector glows blue against the wall. We are watching match live on projector. closet, plugs the projector in and turns it on. projector puts a movie onto the theater screen. computer projector out from beneath the coffee. To his right was an overhead projector with a. The sixteen-millimeter projector started humming.

He went to the overhead projector and took out a. A projector simply projects images onto a wall or projection screen. Projectors are typically used to increase the image size for viewing by audiences. This brightness will determine the size the image can project and the distance the projector can be from the screen. Slide projectors use light to project images from 35mm slides. Digital Projectors use light to project images from computers and DVD players. (MORE). Do you want to plant a row of pine trees as a wind break, or just move or add a tree to your landscape.

Planning how the word projector in a sentence when to transplant a tree from one spot i.

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