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Page 1 of 4The Good EarthPearl S. He held it above his family, even above his gods. But soon, between Wang Lung and the kindly soil that sustained him, came flood and drought, pestilence and revolution.This great modern classic depicts life in China at a time before the vast political and social upheavals transformed an essentially agrarian country into a world power. Through this one Chinese peasant and his children, Nobel Prize-winner Pearl S.

Buck traces the whole cycle of life, its terrors, its passion, its persistent ambitions and its rewards. Her brilliant novel—beloved by millions of professional experience examples for resume throughout the world—is a universal tale of the destiny of men. ( From the publisher.). The poor, small-town boy makes it to the big city and comes back rich. Except, you know, that Wang Lung is Chinese.

And sure, he makes it to the city and gets rich, but this is no happy ending.The Good Earth, Pearl S. Wang Lung is a farmer who tries hard, even through bad times, and eventually makes it rich. He is tempted over and over again by the vices of wealth, but he always comes back to his roots and to the land.The book became an instant hit. It was the best-selling novel in 1931 and 1932, and it was translated into more than 30 languages. It also won the Pulitzer Prize (and nearly every other prize that it could win), and helped Buck become the first woman to receive the Nobel Prize.

From the Good earth book club questions Lung, rising from humble Chinese farmer to wealthy landowner, gloried in the soil he worked. But soon, between Wang Lung and the kindly soil that sustained him, came flood and drought, pestilence and revolution.Book Club Party Ideas for The Good EarthWang Lung and O-Lan were simple people so I kept the decorations simple. The color red plays a big roll in decorating for this party. Why does Wang Lung feel compelled to purchase the rice field from the House of Hwang. Read the first few paragraphs, which dJanuary - March 2011The Good Earth by Pearl S.

Sometimes they turned up a bit of brick, a splinter of wood. It was nothing. Some time, in some age, bodies of men and women had been buried there, houses had stood there, had fallen, and gone back into the earth. So would also their house, some time, good earth book club questions into the earth, their bodies also. Do you find Wang Lung to be the land in human form. Throughout the story, O-lan does not readily express herself. However, it is clear that she has feelings regarding the land, her family, and her hopes and dreams.

These pages include questions on the most popular book club picks. They good earth book club questions ready to print and designed to spark lively conversations. The books are listed alphabetically by title. This tells the poignant tale of a Chinese farmer and his family in old agrarian China. The humble Wang Lung glories in the soil he works, nurturing the land as it nurtures him and his family. Each had his tu.

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