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Defin ition of i nform ation techn ology B. Benef its of i nform ation tech nolog y C. Th es is sta te me nt I I. B o d y A. Go od ef fe ct s 1. Ma ke s lif e co mf or ta bl e 2. Com mu nic ate s to ev ery on e eas ily 3. In ve nt s ne w th in gs 4. Cr ea te s pro du ct s fas te argumentative essay about technology pdf 5. Dis co ver s new me dic ine s B. Ba d argumentative essay about technology pdf fe ct s 1. Information technology is a category that includes the Internet, our personal computers, and television.

It is a subset of technology that delivers information to us in a highly efficient way. These ef ficiencies are readily apparent, an d the benefits clea r — so then it is woeful that educational facilities, particularly colleges,have been so slo w to a dopt these technologies. How is it possible to prepare students for a 21.

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