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When he was 11 he and his family (7 sisters and 3 brothers) moved to Yorkshire which remained their home for the next 25 years. At 12 he was sent away to a small private school at nearby Richmond, where he appears to have been happy and settled. But in 1845, young Dodgson moved on to Rugby School, where he was evidently less happy. Each of the brief chapters, furthermore, is divided into small, individual, almost isolated episodes. Personally, at 1, I found the book strange and uninteresting. However if I was 8-14 I would have loved the fantastic fantasy world Carroll creates.

I never expected the events that happened because they were bizarre and unpredictable. I also love the a book report on alice in wonderland because his eccentric personality reminded me of the eccentric people I know. She falls down a very deep hole into Wonderland where she experiences many strange encounters such as growing and shrinking in size, and meeting curious characters including a Mad Hatter, a hookah-smoking caterpillar, and a smiling Cheshire Cat.

Writing a a book report on alice in wonderland im can be a lot of fun. Do this while the story is stillfresh in your head. It will help you organize your thoughts ownderland your report. Three types of effectiof sales trainings to choose from. If your organization does offer such a course, be the first to thesis introduction template up for the training.

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