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SummaryLate in the early morning hours, in a Spanish cafe, an old man drinks brandy. The anecdote revolves around the difference between a clean, bright cafe and a dark, not-so-clean, bar as a place for lonely men to spend the long, sleepless nights. Two waiters discuss a lingering patron in a cafe who overstays his welcome as the night wears on. The older waiter, who does understand, walks into the night himself, unable to find his own clean, well-lighted place in which to pass a lonely and well lighted place video night.

Critics often see these themes emerge as reflections of the cultural and spiritual malaise of the disillusioned, post- Well lighted place video War I Western world. And, because Hemingway is Hemingway, he manages (amazingly) to do it in under 1,500 words. Part 1 of 2.An old man sits alone in a clean, well-lighted cafe. It is late, long after midnight, and he sips his drink with no sense of urgency, no thought of home. Who is he. Why is he drinking so late. The younger waiter wishes to go home, the old man is always here keeping them up, night after night.

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