Example of a dance resume for college

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The files below are in Adobe PDF format. View different samples to see different formatting ideas or ways to describe your specific experiences. This includes your name, phone number, e-mail, date of birth and height. The format and structure of a dance resume is usually different from that of a standard professional resume. Get started with Step 1 below to find some tips for writing example of a dance resume for college dance resume. Write down the names of the dance masters who trained you and the adnce schools and dance studios in which you learned various styles of dance.

She said it was too much of just listing classes, performances, summer programs, etc, and wanted it a more interesting format. We can not find samples of dance resumes of kids who are looking at programs for college, only resumes for dancers that want to be professionals. From what I can tell she wants it more professional looking, not just listing her classes and the time commitment for each class and colleg her summer intensives, say how she was chosen and instead of listing performance experience, go into more detail about the role - just sounds very involved and hard to format it.

What is this, and how is it different from a regular resume. Click on this link for the answer to these and other questions about writing your dance resume.

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