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Importance and Effects of Health drinks and Soft drinks in 21st centuryIntroduction:Here we are going to discuss about the relevance and effects of health drinks and soft drinks like coke. We have explained in our study the advantages and disadvantages of these drinks. What are the ingredients of these drinks. How are they affecting every age group in the 21st century. Should they be used or not and if used in what amounts. The importance of these drinks help us to peep into their world and the drinking habits developed by people.According to a study 33% of U.S.

adults that are 20 years of age or older are estimated to be overweight. Furthermore, over 58 million Americans weigh at least 20% or more than their ideal body weight.With exhaustion and high stress levels due to hectic lifestyles, many people are relying on energy drinks to give them that second wind.Whether they help energy drink research essay stay aThe document below is the research paper I completed about the effects of energy drinks. The paper discussions the ingredients in energy drinks and energy drink research essay possible negative side effects relating to the consumption of energy drinks.

When starting my research I had no desire to write an eight page paper. Once I started researching energy drinks I came across the idea of what kind of side effects energy drinks cause. This topic really interested me because I drink energy drinks on a regular basis, and this topic could effect my health. I felt that most of the information I discovered were strong points in the paper, but I feel that my strongest point was my interview. The interview I had was with a co-worker of mine who experienced a heart attack at Energy DrinksThe most common question people want to know about energy drinks is do they work.

Do they realty give energy when you feel tired and sluggish. Energy drinks are known to be made with certain levels of energy drink research essay and sugar. Too much can cause side effects such as irritability, rapid heartbeat and insomnia. People need to understand their limitations when considering such drinks. Because health concerns continue to be an issue experts claim people should not rely on them alone when they need an energy boost.If you energy drink research essay one of the few that remembers when this product first hit the market you may have protestant reformation rap song one of the first to try it out.

A lot of people were drawn energy drink research essay the concept of a quick energy fix through a simple drink. You can buy them at diffeHow many of us have looked for or used something to boost our energy. Most of us have turned to energy drinks for this problem. Most of us never even realize what is in them or how it could effect us. So do they work are not. The most harmful drug found in most energy drinks is ephedra. This chemical is related to the chemicals found in speed, Ritalin, and cold medications. Ephedra can cause serious heart complications, strokes, seizures, and even death.So how do energy drink research essay drinks help give us that little boost.

Well most contain twenty to thirty grams of carbohydrates and one hundred and twenty-five calories. For people wanting to lose weight the extra calories can actually make you gain weight. Yet Red Bull has a 70 to 90 percent market share in over 100 countries worldwide. Objective: The market and degree of consumption of energy drinks have exponentially expanded while studies that assess their psychological effects and impact on quality of life remain in the early stages, albeit on the rise.

I this speech I will try to change your opinion on energy drinks. Like most teenagers I used to drink energy drinks. That was before I researched how unhealthy they are. Approximately 84% of the energy we use in the United States is wasted. It cost us billions of dollars every year, because of the energy that is wasted. The renewable energy strategies we use today are solar heating, wind energy, biomass energy, a. The purpose of this paper is to estimate personal energy use along with the forms of energy that I currently transmit to the sources they started from.

Energy drink consumption among young people, particularly in connection with alcohol, presents a significant public health concern that warrants further research and regulation, according to a report authored by World Health Organisation (WHO) officials. Shafer 1Andrew Shaferth Honors EnglishApril 18, 2007The Ever Popular Energy DrinkAs of late there has a been a phenomenon with a certain type of drink. Energy drinks were first created for athletes to use during training or in games butnow are being consumed by a great number of people who are not participating in any sortof strenuous activity.

There are people who even mix these drinks with alcoholicbeverages during parties which obviously can be very, very dangerous. TEnergy Drinks and there effects on the human body.Have you ever wondered what the side effects were after drinking an energy drink. People buy these types of drinks all the time and they are energy drink research essay popular with the younger groups. They give you a boost of energy but they can also make you sick. Energy drink research essay are many different brands of energy drinks on the market the most popular are Red Bull and Monster.

People are now mixing these with alcohol which has a serious side effect.There are several ingredients in energy drinks: caffeine, taurine, b vitamins, inositol, ginseng, glucuronolactone, artificial sweeteners, ginkgo biloba, and l-carnitine. The caffeine in these drinks can cause dizziness, jitters, nausea, irritability and nervousness. Energy drink research essay can also have an allergic reaction like: a rash, difficulty breathing, and swelling of the mouth, face, lips or tongue.

Unfortunately we cannot victimize ourselves and blame everything on them. We are responsible for what we do and I believe that we should do some research before we buy a product that is obviously not natural at all.Energy drinks are made up of caffeine, taurine, guarana, ginseng, ginkgo, ephedrine, B vitamins and many other sugars.Showed first 250 characters. Sepkowitz (2013) notes that energy drinks contains stimulant drugs. One example of these drugs is the caffeine that is the main component of any energy drink.

Examples of energy drink include the Red Bull and Monster Drink. Apart from caffeine, these drinks contain sugars, amino acids and herbal extracts. Soft drinks, tea and coffee also contain caffeine but are not classified as energy drinks. In this context, Energy drinks have different uses, variation, and their consumption has various effects on human health. Uses of Energy Drinks Energy drinks are consumed so as to provide the user with the benefits from caffeine and other benefits that are provided by other ingredients of these e.

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