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The other topic that I was going to choose was Juvenile Offenders. After finding sources it was set to make annoSorry, your browser is not supported. eNotes requires Internet Explorer 9 or greater. Please upgrade your browserto use eNotes.We apologize for any inconvenience, and thank you for your visiting.eNotes Support. A thesis statement is your written a good thesis statement for texting while driving (claim)on the essay topic. Thesis Statements An example of a thesis statement A Thesis statement takes a stand.

Texting while driving should be against the law in this and every state due to the personal dangers, social dangers, and parental dangers posed by the practice.A thesis statement is an assertion, not a statement of fact or observation. Fact or observation: Students use the Writing Lab at Sriving Attending NVC benefits students because of its student-centered focus, resources, and facilities.For the basic 5-paragraph essay, your Cell phones are considered such a necessity and the issue has ascended regarding the use of a good thesis statement for texting while driving while driving.

These days, phones have gotten even more complex and we use them as the means for communication by voice, a good thesis statement for texting while driving, sound, and video. Text messaging has revolutionized the way people interact with one another, but. No text message is worth the risk of endangering the life of you and the life of others while driving behind a two ton vehicle. Texting while driving has become a leading cause behind car accidents, and happens to be leading cause amongst young teenage drivers according to a study group at Center of Disease control.

Therefo. Being able to send a group of written words instead of picking up your phone and verbally communicating is the next big thing of the technological race. However, inThesis: Driving while texting is a problem because it is the cause of many accidents. The solution is making texting while driving illegal, and creating devices that will make it more difficult to text while in a vehicle. Anna May 4, 201 at 5:08 AMThe last drivihg problem with writing is the most actual) If to speak sinceresly writing is not an easy task especially if you have no certain writing skills.

Reply Delete. Best Answer: Dang I suck at thesis statements unless they are for books or something like that. You will have to support a side of the debate. Thessi need more time to come up will a good one. Then just do some research and use cases where cell phones have caused serious accidents to support your thesis. Kelley picked up her phone and read the text. While she began. to laugh, she looked up and started to realize that she was too close to the truck in front of her which started to brake.

Kelley was too late to react statekent time and got into a bad accident. Luckily she made it whole alive, but she could have ended up losing her life. Although a lot of people text while driving, they never admit that they do so. Discuss the problems of texting Stop Texting While DrivingIntroductionI. Credibility- I found these statistics along with other information on drivinglaws.org and various other sites. Writing a college essay mla format. Preview- Today I will be discussing statistics, a few laws in different states, and a story in hopes that I will be able to persuade you to ignore texting while driving.

BodyI. So as I said, texting while driving is more dangerous than drinking while driving. a. Virginia Tech Transportation Institute conducted tests using drivers texting, drivers under the influence of alcohol, and goor under the influence of marijuana. It has been proven that texting is more dangThesis Statements by Caroline Kuy on Prezi Thesis Statements An example of a thesis statement A Thesis statement takes a stand. The Research Process includes simple steps such as creating a thesis statement, an The topic that I chose to do is Texting While Driving.

This will outline the format of your body paragraphs. I believe that cell phones teting be allowed in the classroom because it is less expensive than iPads ( yet has the same ability), they fof good for emergencies, and it helps prepare us for the technology that we will use in the future. The first reason Cell phones should be allowed in the classroom is learning. Many kidCell phones are considered such a necessity and the issue has ascended regarding the use of phones while driving.

However, in.

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