Beauty lies in the eyes of beholder speech

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Beauty is different things to different people, and different depending on culture. The African American community has a much different view of female beauty than the middle white American. Black women do not focus on weight issues nearly as much as white women do. A large black woman is considered beautiful by many black men if she dresses well, has great hair and nails and beauty lies in the eyes of beholder speech confidence. In many instances this statement proves to be true as various people have different tastes.

Some men prefer dating chubby women with fair complexion while others prefer skinny women with attractive vital stats. Similarly, some women prefer hairy men and find them strong and attractive while some think of such men as virile and repulsive.The concept of beauty has evolved from era to era. So lets just extend it and say-beautiful to our ears. Beauty Lies in the Eye of the BeholderMcNulty, J., Neff, L., Karney, B. (2008). Journal of Family Psychology. A famous statement that normally holdsAugust 22, 201 Beauty Is In The Eye of The BeholderRajeshkannan MJ Proverb says Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, Essay on Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, How to be positive in life, Positive attitude, Proverb Beauty is in the eye of the beholder 0.

The beauty of nature is captivating. but, what is beauty when it comes to human beings. Beauty is not something that comes from physical appearance. Sponsor This EssayI believe that beauty lies beauty lies in the eyes of beholder speech the eyes of the beholder.

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