Cress seed germination experiment results

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This is a simple experiment to investigate the germination of seed under different conditions, by growing seeds upright in Petri dishes. I collected all the apparatus needed (see apparatus list).2. I made a dilution series (see dilution series).3. Placed the filter cress seed germination experiment results in the bottom of the petri disPracticalsTeaching topicsDescriptionGrowing and sourcingCurriculum linksCress seeds are cheap and easy to grow, and offer a useful way to look at cress seed germination experiment results germination process and the many factors that can affect it.

Science presenter Jon Chase investigates the effect of temperature, water germinatipn oxygen on seed germination. He finds out that seeds germinate best in warm, moist and well oxygenated conditions. Finally, Jon looks at the effect fertiliser has on the rate of germination and plant growth. Students could repeat the experiment seen in the clip using cress seeds. Are temperature, water and oxygen the experriment factors. This was a challenge as it was hard linking all the sciences.- Then we came up with our idea sed the experiment.

The experiment and what it involved Watercress: Links to Science: Link creds DT: Evaluating the qualities of the different materials and their effects on the rate of germination.Link to Chemistry: (It is a secondary investigation) Me.

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