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Protect endangered speciesHave you ever thought about passing stricter laws to protect endangered species. Do you know what animals mean to us. People should pass laws to protect our balanced environment, to have diversity and to preserve endangered animals.Everything in the nature has a reason to be there. We are the people in charge of taking care of animals. Diversity means to have different species in order to develop a balanced world. Ever since life began on Earth, species have existed and naturally gone extinct. Studies show that 99% of currently endangered species are at risk due to human activity.

Your English teacher has asked you to write an essay.Write an essay using all the notes and give reasons for your point of view.Around the world many wildlife species are in danger of extinction. That correct thesis statement they must be protected in order to maintain the number of animals or plants, which are threatened by extinction.The real question is how to protect them. For example, pollution is a huge threat to every single animal or plant.

Continue reading.Open DocumentWhat is a species. What exactly is an endangered species. What is an extinct species. How have these species come to the point of becoming endangered or extinct. What can we do to save the endangered species that are near extinction. Can we actually do essay protect animals from extinction to save these species, or is it a lost cause. As much attention as this subject gets from environmental groups and agencies, it gets just as much ignoring by the general public.

Many people feel compelled to help or contribute, yet few seldom do carry out their intentions. In fact, I disagree with idea that animals have been created to serve human being so that we have the right to do whatever we want on them. I strongly support the claim that extinct species will only be saved if the public have changed its behaviors such as destroying lands and essay protect animals from extinction lands plays an important factor which threatens the existence of animals. As an excuse of expanding economy and investment, many people start devastate forests in order to build buildings, flats, factories and farms.

Any aesthetic value it once had is gone. Sometimes, wild populations related to certain crop foods have desirable traits, like cold resistance.

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