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Civil Rights leader Dr. kjng Martin Luther King, Jr., born in Atlanta, Georgia, in 1929, never backed down in his stand against racism. He dedicated his life to achieving equality and who was martin luther king jr book activities for all Americans of all colors. King believed that peaceful refusal to obey unjust law was the best way to bring about social change. History and Culture Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Remembered - Ep. 1Thanks to the efforts of a humble Baptist preacher, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., the law is bound to uphold equal rights for all people across the country regardless of race, color, or creed.

King was arrested several times during his lifetime. In 19, he joined black college students in a sit-in at a segregated lunch counter. Presidential candidate John F. Kennedy interceded to have King released from jail, an action that is actlvities with helping Kennedy to be elected President. Dr. Martin Luther King, JrTake this quiz and score yourself to find out how well you did. For each question, click the circle next to your answer. Birmingham, Alabamac. Marietta, Georgiad. Martin Luther King Jr.Learn about Dr. Martin Luther King Who was martin luther king jr book activities.

and his nonviolent fight for civil rights in the United States with these these biographies, memorable quotes, and plays, as well as printables and multimedia resources. Resources also include retrospective lessons and articles to guide your students while they examine the state of his legacy and dream today. Dr Martin Luther King Jr. was a leader of the civil rights outher in 19s America, which meant that he hoped that black people and white people would begin to live together peacefully, with equal rights. Explore DNA and genetics using this activity with your students.

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