Experiment on how temperature affects seed germination

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Do you think seeds grow quickly or slowly. Do you think weatherhas any effect on how seeds grow. This experiment will allow you to seewhat seeds do under ground, and how temperature affects what they do.You can do this experiment as a whole group, or in small groups whichwould allow you to compare your data with each other. Quick AnswerTemperature affects the percentage of seeds that germinate and the rate of germination. Seeds kept at higher temperatures are more likely to deteriorate and not germinate.

Once seeds start to germinate, higher temperatures stimulate faster germination up to an optimal temperature, after which the speed of germination declines. Continue Reading. Full AnswerThe optimal temperature for speed of germination varies by species. Dry seeds are more likely to germinate at higher temperatures, but wet seeds are less likely to germinate at higher temperatures. Alternating between cold anDisclaimerYes. I understand this consent is not required to enroll. They will experiment on how temperature affects seed germination explain our admissions process and discuss financial aid options.

With only the materials providedon the list, for each question develop a hypothesis and an experimentaldesign to test your hypothesis. You will then set up your experiments andtake data over a week long period. Many students I know struggle to find a good idea, and sometimes wait until the last minute to do their experiments. Topic Explanation: The reason I am curious about how temperature effects seeds before germination is because I know that temperatures effect plants when they are grown. If it turns out that different temperatures do effect seed germination then farmers and gardeners could store seeds at a certain temperature before planting and have a better germination rate.

This could be helpful for farmers because they could get a better crop and for people in general because there would experiment on how temperature affects seed germination more food grown. If water temperature does affect seed germination then it will help people see that there could be other was to grow seeds.

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