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Table of Contents Abstr act1. In troduction2. Expe rimental Procedure Usi ng EquationsUnderstand ing Paraphrasingand Plagiarism3. Result sand Discussion Using F igures and Tables4. Con clusions(and Recommendations) A bstractWhat is an abstract. Readers typically decide whetheror not fofmat read a paper based on their impressions of the abstract.Consequently, the abstract can be the most important part of your report. A goodabstract summarizes the complete report format requirements of a research article, including at least onesentence per section: purpose, technical approach, results, xrticle conclusion.

Cite the article below it. Identify the article, including the title, author, and title of the journal it appeared rsquirements. Write your introduction, then summarize the article. Write your critique, then conclude the article review. Remember to proofread, review, and revise. Understand what an article review is. Astandard format is used for these articles, in which the author presents the research requirementss format requirements of a research article, logical manner. Students will also learn how to design experiments and how tocollect, enter, and analyze data.Studentswill be required to requirenents two research papers based on the twoprojects we will complete during the course of the semester.

The first project will consist of aclass project, topic to be chosen. For the second project each student has the option of working alone orin a small group (2-4). Thestudent will develop the second project with the help of the instructor. TITLE PAGEIt shouldcontain the following information.

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