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In fact, he used to watch with glee. I came across this book yesterday. I had heard of it before but never read it. I started skimming it and basically read the whole thing in about an hour. I wanted to kill the mother after about two pages.Now, here is my question. Does anybody know. Please tell me the bitch went to prison. In that day in age, child abuse was just being dealt with, even though it had always existed. All the court could do was to david pelzer mom Dave away from his mother, david pelzer mom they did. His parents separated the year Dave was rescued, and they both died very lonely, depressed alcoholics.

I poured her a glass of wine, turned around, and she was taking her shirt off. After I was finished reading the book, I started my search to see what mental illness Catherine had suffered. All I have managed to david pelzer mom was that she was mentally ill and an alcoholic. No details have emerged of what type of mental illness she suffered. Best Answer: This is the case of a very horrifically abused young boy who was brutalized by his mother Roerva Pelzer (aka: Catherine) an alcoholic. There were 5 boys in the family and not even David Pelzer knows why his mother singled him out.

His father Stephen was a firefighter and an alcoholic and instead of standing up for his son, he deserted the family making things worse for David. There were five boys in the family and not even David Pelzer knows why his mother singled him out. It was only a very on the ball teacher that saw the plight David was in and reported the abuse. David was taken away. When David was gone his brother Richard was the next one to be picked on. However, his mother was not convicted. There were few abuse laws back in tho.

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