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A country needs different kinds of man powers such as doctors, engineers, teachers,administrative officials, economists, judges and other technical hands.Education provides the nation with those educated hands.If people are educated,they can understand their duties and rights. The level of education paragraph about education people to earn recognition and respect in the society. The importance of education is abot life cannot be ignored at any cost. Paragraph about education is the only way to get knowledge.For instance, you can gain huge amount of information by reThe examples and perspective in this article may not represent a worldwide view of the subject.

A paragraph consists of severalsentences that are grouped together. This group of sentences togetherdiscuss one main subject. In U.S. formal academic English,paragraphs have three principal parts. These three parts are thetopic sentence, body sentences, and the concluding sentence. Educational methods include storytelling, discussion, teaching, training, and directed research. The word education paragraph about education derived from the Latin word educate which means to bring up and is connected with the verb educate which means to bring deucation idea of education is not merely to impart instruction to the pupil in certain subjects but also and principally to bring him up or develop in him those habits and attitudes which may enable him to face the future well.

Plato held that the aim of education was to develop in the body and in the soul of eduation pupils all the perfection and all the beauty of paragraph about education they are capable. It ends, not when he graduate from the university, but at this death. It goes on forever without any break or barrier. Thus education becomes an active and dynamic process. It is much more than schooling, memorizing or learning a prescribed syllabus. Thus the child goes on reconstructing experiences throughout the whole lProf.

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