Tensile test procedure mild steel

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The results from the test are commonly used to select a material for an application, for quality control, and to predict how etst material will react under other types of forces. For anisotropic materials, such as tensile test procedure mild steel materials and tTensile Test Tensile test procedure mild steel material property that is widely tnesile and tenzile is the strength of a material. The material has known dimensions, like length and cross-sectional area. We then begin to apply weight to the material gripped at one end while the other end is fixed.

We keep increasing the weight (often called the load or force) while at the same time measuring the change in length of the sample. The objective of this experiment is to investigate the behavior of two material specimens under a Tensile Test. The materials to be i nvestigated are Copper and Steel. One example of this could be to determine the Ultimate Tensile Stress of a material to be used for a shopping bag, to check it can hold enough weight.

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